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Terms and Conditions

I have read and understand the following:
    1. I understand that participating in any type of training of a course or activity may be present
      varying forms of risk and possible hazards and I voluntarily accept the risk of damage
      consequent upon or arising from my entry as a student, and the use of the Organiser’s
      online facilities.
    2. I will abide by the rules and regulations of this organiser’s as to the training and to the use of
      this organiser’s facilities and the directions of the organiser’s officials including the right to
      terminate or cancel my training and the use of the organiser’s facilities at any time and for
      any reason.
    3. The personal information I have supplied to the organiser regarding my training, experience
      and any other matter associated with the training is true and correct and I have read and
      understood all of the clauses of this agreement by accepting the same and supplying a
      generated E-Signature before my use of the organiser’s facilities or before any participation
      in training or online training.
    4. Payment:- I am the authorised person or card holder responsible to make payment for the training on the website I will provide a verbal confirmation before payment, confirming I am the authorised person to make payment. Once payment is made I agree to the refunds policy and my e-signature will appear on the document.
    5. I understand this is only a course and I will not receive a statement of attainment, a physical
      white card, rsa, rsg or food licence.
    6. I understand that I may need to complete an accredited course for licencing purposes for
      rsa, rsg, food or the construction industry.
    7. In this agreement the following words shall respectively mean:
    • “training” – Accredited training can only be achieved by a registered training
      organisation. This training is not conducted by a registered training organisation
    • “refund” – Once your certificate is issued a refund will not be granted if you change
      your mind.
    • “certificate” – Your digital download is available in your dashboard once payment is made. We will also email you a copy.  Please contact us via the contact us page if your unable to locate it.  No physical white card is issued, no rsa or rsg licences is issued and no food licence is issued. This is not a statement of attainment. You will receive a statement of attendance. The certificate is only issued when 100% completion is achieved, and payment is made. The certificate is only available to download in your

I have ticked the box on the registration page to agree with all the terms and conditions outlined in
this document. I have also read and understood all the information provided to me on the website. My e-signature on this form shows I have read and understood the information provided.  I also understand I will receive an instant non accredited certificate to download in my profile upon competition.

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